Caliber Executive Principal Search

Caliber: Beta Academy is Searching for a New Executive Principal


Caliber’s vision is to develop each student's social-emotional abilities (HEART); which students use to create a strong sense of self and sustain meaningful and healthy relationships. That social emotional foundation enables all students to obtain the knowledge (SMART) and critical thinking skills (THINK) necessary to advocate (ACT) for themselves and the issues impacting them and their community.


Our Community

Richmond, California 

Bay Area map.png

Richmond is a vibrant and diverse community across the bay from San Francisco. Caliber: Beta Academy is walking distance to the bay area public transportation and a short car ride to Berkeley and Oakland. While the talented staff and amazing students are the primary reason for joining Caliber -- the amazing weather, beautiful scenery, and thriving culture make The Bay one of the most sought after places to work in the country. 


Meet our Families

Ryan is definitely more able to communicate his feelings effectively. He has displayed more empathy. His teachers help him grow into a better human being — I really appreciate that. I’ve been very impressed with the quality of education at Caliber.
— Caila Menefee - Mother of Ryan Menefee

Who We're Looking For

We are looking for a principal who believes in meeting kids where they’re at, academically and behaviorally. We have unyielding expectations for our students, but we know the greatest journeys start with a single step. We’re looking for a school leader that believes it’s best to approach challenges with kindness, empathy, and humility. We speak from our vision, but we always listen first. We are looking for a school leader that will dedicate the time needed to learn about each of our staff members and students. We are changemakers through our relationships and respect for others. Lastly, and most importantly, we are looking for a school leader committed to creating a more equitable school, community, and world. Addressing injustice and prejudice is an active process that must be taught and modeled every day.